This Adorable Ratatouille Cake Will Make You Feel Like Dancing

ratatouille cake

This adorable Ratatouille Cake was made by Latira Art Cake.  It is a single layer cake.  The top of the cake is Remy stacking two tomatoes on top of each other.  The tomatoes are as tall as Remy, so he is standing on his tippy toes on one foot.  The cake features Remy with a carrot.  The way he is holding it it looks like he has been dancing with it and is dipping it.  The cake is painted to looking like a brick wall and wooden floor.  The top of the cake board is also painted like a wooden floor.


ratatouille cake topper

Here is Remy with the tomatoes.


ratatouille cake

Here is Remy dancing adorably with a carrot.

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