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Ratatouille Cookies

Ratatouille Cookies
Ratatouille Cookies

These wonderful Ratatouille Cookies were made by Joliette Marie. They feature a close-up of Remy’s face, Remy stretching to reach a tomato, Remy wearing a chef’s hat and holding a large wooden spoon,  a close-up of Alfredo Linguini (such a great name), the Ratatouille logo which is a chef’s hat with a pair of whiskers under it, a chef’s hat with the silhouette of Remy on it, images from Anyone Can Cook and more cute designs.

These are such fun cookies!


Remy & Alfredo Cookies

Here is another view of these delightful cookies.

Planning a Ratatouille party?

The detail on this Remy Chocolate Covered Strawberry is amazing!

One of the most popular cake I’ve ever posted is this Ratatouille Cake! One of designs above is Remy’s silhouette in a chef’s hat. This cake does the same thing, but the chef’s hat is made out of wafer paper, so it is semi transparent.

This cute cake is a Stand-up 3-D Remy.