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Meeko Cookies

These cookies feature Meeko, the racoon from Pocahontas, in various poses
Meeko Cookies

These adorable Meeko Cookies were made by Joliette Marie. There are six cookies in this delightful set. Each cookie has a different design. Two are close-ups of Meeko’s head.  The other four are full bodied and have Meeko in different poses. While they’re all cute, I think my favorites are the close-ups of Meeko’s head. Joliette does a wonderful job with facial expressions. She manages to convey so much with how his eyes are looking, whether his mouth is opened or closed and how his head is tilted. These cookies are so much fun!

Planning a Pocahontas Party?

These 3rd Birthday Cookies include Pocahontas, John Smith, Meeko, a compass, Pocahontas’ necklace, a teepee, and sunflowers.

This Pocahontas Cookie is elaborately decorated and has its own little stand.