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Marvelous Live Action Beauty and the Beast Cake

Beauty and the Beast Cake

This Marvelous Beauty and the Beast Cake was made by Pasta Kalbi

It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day, so I thought I would feature a very unlikely couple.  

This single tier Disney cake is made to look like a piece of log to represent the fierce woods just outside the castle. It has a painted floor on the top to represent the floor of a ballroom in the Beast’s castle. The windows of the ballroom are behind Belle and the Beast.

The Beast has won Belle’s heart and they are dancing together. Chip is on the floor near them. Mrs. Potts is in front of the cake. Cogsworth is beside her and Lumiere is on the other side of Cogsworth. On the other side of Mrs. Potts is the enchanted rose and a white wolf. Red roses are growing up a wall on the outside of the ballroom.

When Belle was in the town caught up in ‘this provincial life’ and immersed in the fantasy world of books, she never dreamed she would be caught up in a real life fantastic story where her father would be imprisoned in an enchanted castle and she would have to offer to stay in his place to rescue him. She never thought at first that she would fall in love with the monster who imprisoned him.

As time passed and Belle spent more time at the castle and around the Beast, she noticed that he started to change, little by little over time. He started to become less beast-like on the inside and become more gentle and kind. As she stayed longer and got to know the enchanted characters of the castle and the Beast himself, she started to fall in love and realize that she had indeed met her Prince Charming in this very unlikely place – A Prince Charming who was a Beast on the outside, but with Belle’s help had transformed to a gentle Prince on the inside.  

Beauty and the Beast Cake 4

Beauty and the Beast Cake 5

Beauty and the Beast Cake 2

I love the song the Mrs. Potts sings at the end as they are dancing:

Tale as old as time.

True as it can be

Barely even friends.

Then somebody bends. Unexpectedly

Just a little change.

Small to say the least.

Both a little scared.

Neither one prepared, Beauty and the beast

Ever just the same.

Ever a surprise.

Ever as before.

Ever just as sure.

As the sun will rise.

Tale as old as time.

Song as old as rhyme.

Bitter sweet and strange.

Finding you can change.

Learning you were wrong.

Certain as the sun.

Rising in the East.

Tale as old as time.

Song as old as rhyme.

Beauty and the beast.

Tale as old as time.

Song as old as rhyme.

Beauty and the beast


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