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Splendid Belle and Lumiere Cake

Belle and Lumere cake

This Splendid Belle and Lumiere Cake was made by Dolcidea Creazioni.

This cake represents Belle beautifully. There a three books stacked on top of each other. Belle loves to read and will always have a book nearby. The middle book is a leather bound copy of Beauty and the Beast. The top book has a picture of Belle and the Beast on the front.

Lumiere is standing on top of the books. His light could come in handy if the library is dark.

The cake is decorated to look like a two story castle. The bottom level of the castle has stained glass windows all around. The top level has paned windows with red roses on the outside. This reminds me of the enchanted red rose of the Beast.  

The top of the cake is a stage. Belle is standing on top of the stage as a centerpiece of the cake.

The enchanted mirror is in front of the cake. 

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