Beautiful Beauty and the Beast Cake

Beauty and the Beast Cake

This Beautiful Beauty and the Beast Cake was made by Cake Studio Rouge.   

Belle and the Beast are dancing together on the top of the cake.  There is a single rose pedal on the ground beside them. The cake is a two tiered cake with a golden background on the back and a stained glass pattern on the front.  This stained glass picture reminds me of the stained glass window at the Be Our Guest Restaurant at Walt Disney World. The food at Be Our Guest is good. I have been lucky enough to eat there several times when I went to Walt Disney World a few years ago. I love the beautiful ballroom that is designed after the ballroom in the Disney’s Animated movie Beauty and the Beast. This artist did a great job recreating this stained glass image with all of its intricate lines.

A single red rose is beside the stained glass picture that takes up both tiers of the cake. There is a single rose pedal on the cake board in front of the cake. 

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