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Marvelous Aliens Meets Star Wars Cake

Star Wars Aliens Wedding cake

This Marvelous Aliens Meets Star Wars cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company.

The top of the cake is based on Aliens the movie, the middle tier has a Star Wars theme, and the bottom is sea themed with a steampunk copper squid and a Minion.

Darth Vader is fishing and has caught a puffer fish out of the sea that is the bottom tier.

A Minion is riding a floating ring and a penguin is on a rock nearby.

Alien Meets Star Wars Cake

The bride and groom on the top of the cake are from Aliens. The top layer of the cake is themed from the movie Aliens. It is black with patterns carved into it and black rose looking pods surround it.

The middle layer of this wedding cake is painted to look like outer space and has Darth Vader and the Death Star.