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Amazing Disney TMNT Batman Minion Wedding Cake

Disney Wedding Cake

This Amazing Disney TMNT Batman Minion Wedding Cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company. This Splendid Batman Spider-Man Hulk Wedding cake was designed by a six year old who chose all of his favorite characters.

The top of the cake has the six year old child’s Bunny holding a figure of the child in his arms. The Bunny is wearing a suit because he is attending a wedding.

This wedding cake has all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Summer Olaf, a Minion, a mini Paddington Bear, Simba, Mickey, Baymax, Spongebob, Woody, Spider-Man, Fireman Sam, Batman, and The Hulk.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wedding Cake

The bottom cake layer is medium blue with a black building to represent a city skyline. Hulk is smashing out of the bottom layer of the cake.  Batman is in the shadows to one side of The Hulk. Spider-Man is standing behind Batman. Firemen Sam has a fire hose in his hand, ready to put out the building fires on the cake.

Cinderella’s Castle is in the middle of the light purple cake layer. Mickey Mouse is on one side of the castle. Simba from The Lion King is on the other side of this Disney Castle.

A Minion is sitting on top of the light purple cake layer. He is holding a mini Paddington Bear in his arms. The Minion has a flashing light on his head.

Just above the Minion is a light blue cake layer with white snow flakes and icicles. Olaf from Disney’s Frozen is wearing a purple Hawaiian lei and a green grass skirt.

The top layer of the cake is a red brick wall. Michaelangelo is wearing his orange mask and holding up a slice of pizza. Another Teenage Mutant Turtle, Donatello, is wearing his purple mask and standing on the other side of the wall.

Lion King Wedding Cake