Buzz Lightyear

Terrific Buzz Lightyear & Friends 7th Birthday Cake

Buzz Lightyear 7th Birthday Cake

This terrific Buzz Lightyear & Friends 7th Birthday Cake was made by Carlos Moreno, Cake Designer.  This is a three layer cake.  The top layer is dark blue with red and green stars on it and the number 7.  Buzz Lightyear is sitting on top of this layer.  The Pizza Planet Rocket is flying past.  There is also a little green man standing beside this layer.

The middle layer is also dark blue with red and green stars on it. It has the birthday boy’s name and the Space Ranger logo on it.  There are two little green men on the side of this layer.

The bottom layer looks like Buzz’s spacesuit with the wings extended.  Evil Emperor Zurg is standing beside this layer.


Buzz Lightyear Cake Topper

I can’t decide which I like more the Buzz Lightyear Cake Topper or the Pizza Planet Rocket with the flames shooting from behind it.


Little Green Men Cake Figures

I really like how the one little green man is floating in the air.


Evil Emperor Zurg Cake Figure

Who invited Evil Emperor Zurg to the party?

Carlo’s also made a wonderful Sheriff Woody and Friends Cake that I’ll be featuring tomorrow.

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