Terrific Sheriff Woody & Friends 5th Birthday Cake

Sheriff Woody 5th Birthday Cake

This terrific Sheriff Woody & Friends 5th Birthday Cake was made by Carlos Moreno, Cake Designer.  This is a companion to Carlos’ wonderful Buzz Lightyear & Friends 7th Birthday Cake I shared yesterday.

Sheriff Woody Cake Topper

The top of the cake has a shipping box with Woody coming out of it.  The layer beneath looks like Woody’s clothes and has a large 5 on it.


Jessie Cake Figure

The next layer has the birthday boy’s name in a star burst.  Jessie is standing beside this layer.


Bo Peep Cake Figure

The bottom layer looks like a wooden fence.  Bo Peep is standing on one side.


Stinky Pete Cake Figure

Last and definitely least is Stinky Pete, the Prospector.