Thor & Loki

Terrific Hela Sculpted Cake

Hela Cake

This Terrific Hela sculpted cake was based on Hela from the movie Thor: Ragnarok.

This wonderful cake was made by Samie.

This cake is part of a set of three cake entitled Asgard Sibling Triumvirate. 

It features 3 cakes: Thor, Hela, and Loki.

Yesterday, I featured Thor and tomorrow I’ll be featuring the Loki cake.

These cakes was made for the Let’s Dream Together Again Cake collaboration. Every entry must have at least 2 cake artists and 2 pieces. 

Hela Cake

Hela is known as the goddess of death in the movie Thor: Ragnarok. She was Asgardian, ruler of Hel, and daughter of Odin and half sister of Thor and Loki. 

Hela cake

Hela cake

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