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Awesome Dark Crystal Cake

Dark Crystal Cake

This awesome Dark Crystal cake is a three tier cake that features Jen, Kira, nurlocks, and the Sanctuary Tree of Grot.

I really like the way this cake make use of color and imagery.

This wonderful cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company.


Dark Crystal Cake

The bottom tier is made to look like the inside of a cave with nurlocks coming out of holes in the cave wall.

Jen and Kira are sitting on top of this tier. They have a telepathic connection called dreamfast and the words Dreamfast with me are written above them to symbolize this telepathic connection between them.


Dark Crystal Cake

There is a pink tree on top of the cake on top of the green tier of the cake. It is the Sanctuary Tree of Grot which is a wise tree with pink petals whose roots reach down to the caverns.


Tracey has a wonderful tutorial on how she made the bottom tier of this cake.