Captain America

The Most Amazing Captain America Cookie Ever!!!

Captain America Cookie

Yesterday, I posted an amazing Iron Man cookie made by Nicole from Sugar Vibes Bakery. Nicole got the idea for her cookie after seeing this stunning Captain America Cookie made by Andi from Kirkie Kookies.


Captain America Cookie

One of Andi’s friends asker her to make a cookie of her husband as Captain America.  The results was this masterpiece.


Captain America Cookie

This cookie was hand cut and hand painted on layers of 3D royal icing using a combo of gel food colors and shaded with the Sugar Art elite color dust. As much as I love the face and the detail on the Cap’s costume, my favorite part of this cookie is the shading.  Look at the foot which is off the ground. The boot has a very subtle shadow on it.  Look at Cap’s shield.  Since it’s metallic, it shimmers. I’m absolutely blown away by how amazing this cookie is.

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