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Adorable Minnie Mouse Piñata Cake

Minnie Mouse Piñata Cake

This adorable 1st Birthday Cake features Minnie Mouse and ShellieMay. It was made by CFORCUPCAKES by Clara. This is a Piñata Cake or as Clara puts it “Cute Outside, Sweets Inside”. When you break open the round part of the cake, it is filled with candy. Cutting cakes can be hard, I can’t image smashing this lovely cake with a hammer.


Minnie Mouse Piñata Cake

Clara’s figure of Minnie Mouse is just perfect.


ShellieMay Cake Topper

Poor ShellieMay picked the wrong place to sit down. Hopefully, she’ll be moved before the hammer strikes.


First Birthday Cake

Check out the tiny birthday cake hiding beside the #1.