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GREATEST HITS: Minnie Mouse Cupcake Cake

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Cake
Minnie Mouse Cupcake Cake

This cake is another blast from the past. I featured this Minnie Mouse Takes The Cupcake back in 2014.

This cake has a nice red, white, yellow, and black color scheme.

The cupcake icing is alternating red and white with a red and white candle on top.

Buttercups By Bezmerelda made this giant Minnie Mouse cupcake.

The paint cake sized cupcake is covered in brown fondant on the bottom to represent a brown cupcake wrapper.

 A single candle is lit at the top to celebrate a Happy Birthday.  

A black Minnie Mouse head silhouette is in the middle of the cupcake. There are pearls around it and a large yellow 3  in the middle.

 A wonderful sugar paste figure of Minnie Mouse sits in front of this giant Disney themed cupcake.  She is wearing a red polka-dot dress and a red polka-dot bow and yellow shoes.  

Minnie also has, on either side of her, a red present with a yellow bow and a smaller cupcake with a single red and white striped lit candle.  

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