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Minnie Mouse Takes The Cupcake

Minnie Mouse Cake

Buttercups By Bezmerelda made this giant Minnie Mouse cupcake. The cake sized cupcake has a brown bottom. The top is white and red with alternating polka dots. A single candle is lit at the top to celebrate a Happy Birthday.  A black Minnie Mouse head silhouette is in the middle of the cupcake. There are pearls around it and a large 3 in the middle for the birthday age. The birthday girl’s name is written just about the Minnie head.  Minnie Mouse sits in front of this giant Disney themed cupcake.  She is wearing a red polkadot dress and a red polkadot boy and yellow shoes.  

Minnie also has, on either side of her, a red present with a yellow bow and a smaller cupcake with a single red and white striped lit candle.