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Baymax’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Collection

Baymax Christmas Cookies

I love the creativity of bakers. I would never think to combine Baymax, ugly Christmas sweaters, and macarons together.  Katrina from Sugar Devotion came up with this brilliant idea and the results are adorable.

Baymax’s collection includes sweaters with Christmas trees, snowflakes, Mickey Mouse heads, hearts, and snowmen. Katrina also made cute macarons of Baymax wearing a scarf, holding a wreath, and holding a stocking. She also made cute Baymax macarons where he is holding the Christmas tree and the star that goes on top. Lastly, there are some where Baymax gave up on decorating the tree and is wearing the Christmas lights and has the star on the top of his head.

These Baymax Christmas Macroons are too cute!

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