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Romantic Stitch and Angel Cookie

Stitch and Angel Valentine's Day Cookie
Stitch and Angel Valentine’s Day Cookie

This romantic Stitch and Angel cookie is perfect for a Valentine’s Day celebration.

This wonderful cookie was made by Nina Radkis

Stitch has red hearts in his eyes to show his love for Angel. She is smiling up at him to show her love for him.

In addition, they are surrounded by red heart cookies.

Angel is similar to Stitch. He is experiment 626 and she is experiment 624.

She is pink and looks a lot like Stitch.

When Stitch originally met her, she was not reformed. She was working against Lilo and Stitch and charmed Stitch to fall in love with her and lured him into Gantu’s trap.  Afterwards, Angel realized she also loved Stitch and worked to free him.

In later animation, Angel is a singing star and Stitch is still in love with her.

They make a cute blue and pink couple.

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