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Marvelous Harry Potter Slytherin Cookies

Harry Potter Cookies

Harry Potter Cookies

These Marvelous Harry Potter Slytherin Cookies are a nice tribute to the Hogwarts House of Slytherin.

These wonderful cookies were made by Kirkie Kookies

These cookies are terrific for a Slytherin fan. 

Firstly, a green cookie with a black edge  features a black snake in the middle. The Slytherin animal is a snake and the house colors are green and silver. In addition, the house crest has a snake.

Secondly, the Death Eater symbol is on a cookie with a black background. Most of them were from Slytherin House. They were followers of Lord Voldemort.

Thirdly, a Slytherin stylized letter S is on another cookie that has a alternating green and white square background.

Fourthly, a Harry Potter stylized HP cookie reminds me of Harry and the lightning mark on his forehand.

Fifthly, the Numbus 2000 broom is featured on another cookie. It has a green background and a black border.

Sixthly, a Severus Snape cookie has a silhouette of him. He was one of the heads of this House.

Seventhly, Always is the focus of another cookie. The A has been replaced with the Deathly Hallows symbol.

Eightly, whenever I look at cookies, I try to figure out what makes them stand out to me.  The primary colors of the cookies are black, green, and white.  The brown broom is the only color addition. Most of the cookies have a green background. or a green hue near the border. In addition, most cookies have a small black border.  Moreover, this color palette further enhances the Harry Potter Slytherin cookies appearance.   

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