Splendid Spider-Man Cookies & Edible Cookie Jar

Spider-Man Cookies

Splendid Spider-Man Cookies and Cookie Jar

These splendid Spider-Man cookies and cookie jar have a terrific painting of him on the lid and red Spider-Man cookies inside.

These wonderful cookies were made by My Sweet Stories

I like the way you can have your cookies and eat them too since the jar is also a cookie.

When I first looked at these, the first thing I noticed was the royal icing Spider-Man on the lid. I like the way he is highlighted and shaded.

Furthermore, a white spider web is behind him.

Moreover, it looks like the lid was made from cookie dough and covered in light blue royal icing. The base looks like it was made from cookie dough and colored a terra cotta color.

Furthermore, small red cookies inside the jar represent his mask. Other cookies are red with a large black spider on top. 

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