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Marvelous Red Crystal Spider-Man Cake

Spider-Man Cake

Marvelous Red Crystal Spider-Man Cake

This marvelous red crystal Spider-Man cake features him as the focus of the cake. Red crystals on top of the cake draw out the red in his costume.

This wonderful cake was made by Lumas Cake

I really like the rich deep blues and reds on this cake.

The cake itself is a deep blue with purple hues. White outlines of the Gotham cityscape are painted on the cake.

In addition, large red crystals are on the top of the cake. They are varying thicknesses so they are a lighter red in some spots and a darker red in other spots. These really compliment the red in Spider-Man’s costume.  They also go well with the deep blue of the cake.

Moreover, the cake board is a deep blue just like the cake. A red ribbon is around the side of the cake board. It matches with the red of his costume.

Furthermore, Spider-Man is a separate piece of fondant and is in front of the cake. He has lighter highlights in the blue and red to add dimension to him.


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