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Terrific LEGO Batman 5th Birthday Cake

LEGO Batman Cake

LEGO Batman 5th Birthday Cake

This terrific LEGO Batman 5th birthday cake features him throwing a Batarang.

This wonderful cake was made by Teddy Baker

The cake is a backdrop. It is covered in black fondant. Large yellow letters trimmed in black are on the top of the cake. A black bat is sitting on the last letter.

Moreover, LEGO Batman is the main focus of the cake. He is standing in front of the cake. He is a little taller than the cake. 

Furthermore, he is a separate fondant figure. His hands are LEGO hands. 

Moreover, yellow LEGO bricks are scattered around the cake board around him.

In addition, a white moon is behind him. The bottom tier of the cake has black bats attached.

Also, 5 gold candles are in 5 yellow circles to represent the birthday age.

LEGO Batman Cake

The cake comes in a nice gold cake box.

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