Batterific Batman Birthday Party Cake

Batman Birthday Party Cake

Batterific Batman Birthday Party Cake

I like the way this Batterific Batman Birthday Party Cake is the centerpiece of the party. 

This wonderful cake was made by Arte Da ka

I like the way everything is themed. The wall paintings in the background have the Batmobile, the Gotham skyline, and a picture of Batman himself.

In addition, the Joker figure that might be a piggy bank is sitting on top of the DC Comics strip decorated box.

Moreover in front of the box are containers of yellow M&Ms with black Cowls on the top and black capes handing down. 

Furthermore, an action figure and a stuffed figure help decorate the table.

Moreover, chocolate covered Rice Krispies Treats lollipops have a white square in front with the Bat-Symbol and the Gotham skyline.

Batman Cake

Furthermore, the Batman cake has the top 2 tiers decorated to look like a 3-D Batman. The bottom tier is white with sketches of buildings and black bats flying around.

The yellow border at the bottom is the same yellow as the utility belt.


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