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Splendid Black and Gray Batman Cake

Batman Cake

Black and Gray Batman Cake

This splendid black and gray Batman Cake has a mask on top and looks like a yellow, black, and gray Batman costume.

This wonderful cake was made by MileBian by Lucia Loro

Furthermore, the black mask looks like a smooth black hard plastic cowl.  I wonder if modeling chocolate was used to get such a nice molded look. It almost looks like a custom chocolate mold may have been used to make it.

Moreover, the top gray tier looks like the shirt of the costume. A yellow and black Bat-Symbol is the focus of this tier.

Also, the bottom tier is black. A yellow utility belt is around the base of this tier.

Moreover, the cake board is gray with a black ribbon around the edge. The birthday name is written in yellow letters that match the Bat-Symbol and the utility belt.


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