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Cool Metallic Batman Cake

Metallic Batman Cake

Metallic Batman Cake

Metallic Batman Cake

This cool Metallic Batman Cake features a metallic black cowl and the Bat-Symbol. 

This wonderful cake was made by Iriska Sweets

Metallic Batman Cake

The mask is free-standing.  It looks like iron that has some shiny black paint applied in various places over the surface. The rest of the surface has a matte finish. It’s amazing that is was probably made from fondant or gumpaste.

In addition, gold and black spheres are at the base of the mask.


Batman Cake

Moreover, the cake has been airbrushed gold around the Batman emblem. 

In addition, the rest of the cake is airbrushed black. Black overspray is on top of the gold also so that everything blends.  

Furthermore, the black and gold colors on the cake work well with the iron appearance of the Batman mask.

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