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Spectacular Spider-Gwen 7th Birthday Cake

Spider-Gwen 7th Birthday Cake

Spider-Gwen 7th Birthday Cake

This spectacular Spider-Gwen 7th Birthday Cake was made by Cake-A-Doodle By Nimitha Moideen. It features Spider-Gwen standing in front of a spider web with a cityscape above her.

Spider-Gwen’s costume is really complex. If she had been created during the Silver or Bronze Age of comics, her costume would have been redesigned because printing back then couldn’t have created the pink and purple design inside her cowl and on her arms. Nimitha does an amazing job recreating this extremely difficult costume.

The use of color on this cake is terrific. Gwen’s costume has four colors – white, black, pink, and purple. The cake behind Gwen is pink with a large spider web, while the cityscape above her is purple. This draws out these two colors in Gwen’s costume.  

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