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Count Mickey Mouse Cake

Count Mickey Mouse Cake
Count Mickey Mouse Cake

This wonderful Count Mickey Mouse Cake was made by Brulee Pastelería Creativa. This 1st birthday cake looks like a pumpkin carving with eyes, a nose and a toothy grin. The top of the pumpkin has been set to one side and has a little 1 candle on it. The cake board is covered with pumpkin vines. 

To Linus’ chagrin, there is a figure rising above this peaceful pumpkin, but it isn’t the Great Pumpkin. It is Count Mickey Mouse! There is nothing to fear here because this Dracula is way too cute to be menacing. Mickey has fangs and is wearing a purple cloak with a high color and an adorable green tie with an orange Jack-o’-lantern in the middle.

This cake is absolutely adorable!!!


Count Mickey Mouse Cake Topper

Here is a close-up of Count Mickey. Rubi did an amazing job with Mickey.

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