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Elmo Chocolate Covered Apples

3 Elmo Chocolate Covered Apples. Each with a unique design.
Elmo Chocolate Covered Apples

These delightful Elmo Chocolate Covered Apples were made by Rosa’s Cakes. Each of these three apples has a different cute design.

One apple is sky blue and has two clouds on it. In the middle of the apples is a number one which looks like it is made of grass. This is a really cool design because it looks like you are looking at the Earth from space and there is a land mass shaped like the number one.

While writing up the next paragraph, I started signing Elmo’s One Fine Face. The first verse is:

I’ve got two eyes (oh, got two eyes)
So I can see (yes, eyes can see)
I’ve got two ears to listen to what you say to me
(What you say to me)
I’ve got a mouth (yes, got a mouth)
So I can speak (a mouth can speak)
I’ve got a cheek right here
And here I’ve got another cheek (another cheek)
I’ve got a nose (one little nose)
So I can smell (a nose can smell)
I’ve got a chin, but what a chin does, I just can’t tell
(Just cannot tell)
I’ve got eyes, ears, nose, mouth, cheek and chin
Each in its place, and they’re all part of
One fine face

Another apples looks like Elmo’s head. Just like the song, the apple has got two eyes, so it can see. And, it’s got a nose, so it can smell. Plus, Rosa’s covered the apple with red fur just like Elmo’s. This cute apple is One Fine Face! I’m going to have that cute song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

I saved my favorite apple for last. This apple is sky blue like the first apple. In front of the blue is a three colored rainbow shaped like a horseshoe. On top of that is a 2-D Elmo head. Underneath Elmo is the iconic Sesame Street sign. Instead of the words Sesame Street, the sign has the child’s name. What makes this apple so cool is Rosa’s use of colors. The rainbow is red, orange and light green. The gap in front of the rainbow is white. Elmo’s face has red fur, an orange nose and white eyes. Rosa made a slight change in the Sesame Street sign, instead of having yellow trim, her sign has lime green trim that matches the rainbow and the #1 on the apple that looks like the planet earth.

There are two challenges to making gorgeous chocolate covered apples. First, each apple has to have a cute design. Second, each apples’ design needs to mesh with the rest, so that the overall look of the set is even cuter. The middle apples does that. It uses the sky blue, white and grass green of the earth shaped apple and the red, black and white of the 3-D Elmo’s head apple. But, it does it in such a way that the apple looks fantastic on its own. Getting so many elements to mesh together this well is difficult and Rosa did a wonderful job.

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