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Sculpted Doctor Strange Cake

Sculpted Doctor Strange Cake
Sculpted Doctor Strange Cake

This stunning Sculpted Doctor Strange Cake is Nick Sarmento‘s entry in the modeling category at the 2023 Cake Awards.

The cake is a long barrel with a marble pattern. It is designed to be a pedestal for the bust of Doctor Strange. Doc’s cape, the Cloak of Levitation, is so long it wraps around a lot of the pedestal. This is a brilliant idea because it draws your eyes to the cape, instead of the pedestal cake.

Nick’s sculpting on her model of Doctor Strange is amazing. He is wearing his usual sorcerer supreme garb and the Eye of Agamotto hangs from his neck.

I really like that Nick shows the Doctor in action. He has an intense look on his face as if he is completely focused on the battle. You know his enemy has to be powerful because, if you look at Dr. Strange’s left cheek below his eye, you’ll see a bloody wound.

Nick’s modeling of the head is wonderful because it really looks like Benedict Cumberbatch.

As stunning as all this is, my favorite part is the magic.

Nick did an absolutely amazing job of representing the spells that the good Doctor is casting. If you asked me to make a Doctor Strange Cake where he is casting spells, I would have focused on the position of Stephen’s hands and fingers so it looked like he was making the appropriate gestures. If you really wanted me to include the actual magical energy on the cake, I probably would have added a little golden glow to Doctor Strange’s finger tips.

Nick doesn’t do this. She creates a visual representation of the magical energy. She use a vibrant orange and yellow color scheme which stands out against the red, blue and fleshtones of the Doctor. If that isn’t hard enough, Nick models the magic differently for each hand. Two of the fingers on Doc’s right hand are touching each other and where they meet a beam of orange magical energy is shooting out. Since that energy is going away from the Doctor, I see that as some form of a magical attack. Doc’s left arm has a vibrant orange and yellow band of magical energy wrapped around it almost like a snake. Since this is clinging to the Doctor, I think this is a defense spell.

This cake is absolutely magical. Even Doctor Strange couldn’t come up with a spell to create a cake this perfect!

Nick makes the marvelous super hero cakes. She also made this Black Panther / Wakanda Cake and this Moon Knight Cake.