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Black Panther And Wakanda Cake

This colorful Black Panther and Wakanda Cake features a Black Panther Cake Topper, Wakanda's night sky and the Panther cave.
Black Panther and Wakanda Cake

This gorgeous Black Panther And Wakanda Cake was made by Nick Sarmentoo. Black Panther’s costume is black with grey accents, so most Black Panther Cakes are also black with silver trim. When this cake was ordered, the customer specifically told Nick that they wanted a more colorful cake. So, the top tier is black with silver trim and is topped with a wonderful hand sculpted Black Panther Cake Topper. But, the rest of the cake is colors of Wakanda.

The middle layer is the night sky and has the name written in white. The bottom layer is the Black Panther cave. The carving of the cave and its entrance is wonderful. The rest of this layer looks like stone and the top looks like grass. The cake board is also green.

Nick’s cake design and use of color is really innovative. The larger the cake, the more likely it is that the cake will have a lot of details on it. If you’re not careful, your cake can become too busy. One of the ways that you can resolve this is to decide early on in the design phase what you want the focal point of the cake to be and then design the cake and the colors around this focal point.

Nick breaks this rule and it is what make this cake so amazing. This cake has two focal points. The top of the cake has a terrific Black Panther cake topper. The bottom of the cake has an equally terrific Black Panther cave which has also been sculpted by hand. So these become the two focal points of this cake and then everything is designed around them. The top layer with T’Challa is black. The bottom with the Panther Cave is various shades of light brown plus a vibrant green. Both layers are stunning. But they don’t match. The black, white/silver trim, light brown and vibrant green would clash with each other. So Nick put a layer between the two. That layer  has three natural colors that don’t appear anywhere else on the cake. So this center layer works as buffer. The end results is one of the best Black Panther Cakes I’ve ever seen.

Black Panther Cake Topper Here is the top layer of the cake and the Black Panther topper.


Close-up of Black Panther Cake Topper

Nick did an amazing job sculpting this cake topper.


Black Panther Cave

The detail on the cave, its entrance and the mountains around it are stunning.

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