Black Panther Cake Pops

Black Panther Cake Pops

These Black Panther Cake Pops feature T'Challa, Shuri, Eric Kilmonger & Okoye
Black Panther Cake Pops

These wonderful Black Panther Cake Pops were made by Amber Hudecek. They feature amazing cake pops of Eric Kilmonger, Okoye, Shuri & T’Challa. These are some of the most intricately detailed cake pops I’ve seen.  Amber also made other cake pops to go with these – the number 7, black and white claws, black cake pops with silver stripes and cake pops with various shades of blue and purple.

I really like how Amber photographed these. They are in a dark blue. The stand and the white table are covered with plastic vines. The dark blue and the vines really make these cake pops stand out.

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