Okoye Cake

Okoye Cake

This wonderful cake was made by Olamide Williams of  Sweet Indulgence by Ola  as the final project from Mike McCarey’s sculpted cake class.   

I love the detail on this cake. Notice the woven design on the pants. The clothes look like fabric and golden fabric. The spear head is silver.  Also the detail of her face and eyes is amazing.

In addition, Okoye is standing on one foot which means that the there is a nice support structure beneath the cake. 

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Batman, Black Panther & Venom Cake Pops

Sweetly Dipper Confections makes amazing cake pops. Here are their Venom, Black Panther & Batman cake pops. The intricate detail on these is unbelievable. For Venom you can see each individual tooth and the web design on his head. Black Panther has the intricate grey lines on his mask. Batman’s ear stick up above the cake pop and his mask looks 3-D because the mask’s nose and eyebrows are raised.

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Black Panther Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday, I featured Rachael Kolby wonderful Black Panther pumpkin carving.  I thought it would be fun to feature another amazing carving of the Black Panther.  This marvelous pumpkin was carved by Maniac Pumpkin Carvers.  It features a full body shot of the Panther.  He is standing on a piece of a tree and looks like he is about to jump down from it.  To the side of him are cliffs with trees on them.  Behind the Black Panther is the sun.  The carving of the Panther is great and I really like all the detail given to the background.


Black Panther Pumpkin Carving

Here is a close-up of this sensational carving.