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Mystery, Inc. Cookie Pops

Mystery Inc Cookies Pops
These Mystery, Inc. Cookie Pops include Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, Fred and Scooby-Doo.
Mystery, Inc. Cookie Pops

I would have gotten away with these cookie pops, if not for those meddling kids.

These great Mystery, Inc. Cookie Pops were made by Biscoitos Macarons. These yummy cookies on a stick include Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, Fred and Scooby-Doo.

Each of the five cookies are round and feature headshots of a single member of Mystery, Inc. Each character is wearing their classic outfit. Daphne has her green scarf and purple headband. Velma has her orange turtleneck and glasses. Shaggy has his scruffy beard and loose fitting green t-shirt. And of course, Fred has his ascot.

There are two things that make these cookies exceptional.

Number one. Silva uses an old trick from vintage movies and television shows. She has a slight glow / lens flare around each character. An example will help. Star Trek: The Original Series was famous for this. Anytime, they wanted to make a female character look gorgeous, they’d do a close-up of their face and use a filter which gave them a slight glow. Silva is doing the same thing. Here, it is most noticeable on the cookies with a yellow background. If you look at Fred or Scooby, you’ll notice that the yellow closest to them is lighter than the yellow around the edge of the cookie. It is a brilliant touch that I only see cookie artists use occasionally.

Number two. This happened to me recently. Go to a party and yawn a few times. The next thing you know, other people will begin yawning. It is the same way with smiles. Try to make someone smile while you have a massive frown on your face. It is almost impossible. Smiles are contagious. The very first thing I noticed about these cookies is the wonderful facial expressions. Every member of Mystery, Inc. is smiling. Scooby and Fred have giant grins.  The second I saw these smiling cookies, I smiled too. They’re happy cookies of characters I adore and they are all smiling.

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