Space Invaders & Pac-Man Cookies

Space Invaders & Pac-Man Cookies
Space Invaders & Pac-Man Cookies

These wonderful Space Invaders & Pac-Man Cookies were made by Carolitá Biscoitos Finos. They were created for a 5th birthday.


Space Invaders Cookies
Space Invaders

I really like the design of these cookies. Each cookie has one of the space invaders on it. The cookies have a black background and each invader is a different color. In the original arcade game, the invaders were white. I think Carolitá made a wise choice changing their color because the cookies wouldn’t have looked anywhere near as dynamic.

The centerpiece is an oversized cookie which has the child’s name, the number five and a giant space invader on it. Underneath the giant space invader are tiny versions of all the other invaders.

These cookies bring back fond memories for me because I think Space Invaders was the first arcade game that I ever played. I’m almost certain that I also had an Space Invaders cartridge for my Commodore 64. Unfortunately, trying to play Space Invaders with a keyboard or joystick just wasn’t the same experience. Nothing beat the original arcade version.


Pac-Man Cookies

These cute cookie feature Pac-Man and three ghosts. On each cookie, the ghosts are different colors. These would make such fun party treats!

Pac-Man was a great game. But, I think I actually played the sequel Ms. Pac-Man even more.

These are fun cookies that bring back fond memories from high school and college.