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Rescue Rangers 4th Birthday Cake

This adorable 4th Birthday Cake shows the Rescue Rangers standing on top of each other to light the candle on top of the cake.
Rescue Rangers 4th Birthday Cake

This adorable Rescue Rangers 4th Birthday Cake was made by Tera Cakes. It shows Monterey Jack, Chip, Dale and Gadget standing on top of each other so they can light the candle on the cake.

In addition the cake board is designed to look like wooden tabletop or wooden floor.

Also the actual cake is intentionally extremely plain because an intricately detailed cake would take your focus away from the Rescue Rangers. One tier is pink and topped with sloppy white icing. The other tier is brown with two slightly uneven white bands around it.

Furthermore the board and the cake work wonderfully together. The wooden surface looks like something that our fab foursome would be able to access and stand on. The cake looks like it was made by an average person, not a professional baker. These elements add to scene perfectly.

Four fondant figures of the characters

Also the four figures are wonderful! Monterey Jack has one hand on the cake for balance and is giving Chip a thumbs up with his other hand. Monty is the strongman of the Rescue Rangers. So, I adore that he isn’t holding Chip up. He is just sitting on the floor. But, he is so hard headed that Chip is standing on his head. I laughed out loud when I realized this.

Chip is dressed in his usual Indiana Jones inspired outfit. He isn’t as strong as Monterey Jack and is struggling a little, so he is balancing precariously on one foot.

In addition Dale, dressed in his Magnum P.I. Hawaiian shirt, is standing on Chip’s shoulders. Chip has reached up and is holding onto Dale’s feet for extra stability. As always, Dale’s mouth is wide open and he has a big grin on his face.

Also Gadget is dressed in her purple jumpsuit and has her goggles on her head. She is standing on one of Chip’s shoulders. Chip is holding her legs. Gadget is learning over Chip’s head for added support. She has a long match in her hand and has just lit the candle on the cake.

In addition every character is perfect. Figuring out how each character had to be placed to make this work must have taken a lot of effort. One thing that I absolutely love about this cake is that the characters aren’t just holding each other up. All four are acting in character. I look at this cake and I can imagine this exact scene being recreated in a cartoon.

Also the level of detail is so fine that if you look at each Rescue Ranger’s face, you’ll see that their eyes are positioned such that each character is looking in the correct place.

It is a rare cake that makes me laugh out loud and also take my breath away with the attention to detail. This cake wonderful cake does both!

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