Mickey Mouse

100 Years of Mickey Mouse Cookie

100 Years of Mickey Mouse Cookie
100 Years of Mickey Mouse Cookie

I love it when a cookie makes me laugh out loud! This hilarious 100 Years of Mickey Mouse Cookie was made by Moronitas De Sabores. It was made for the 100 Years of Disney cookie collaboration.

While Mickey’s 100th birthday isn’t until 2028, the Walt Disney Company is celebrating 100 years of Disney this year. This cookie focuses on Disney’s most iconic character Mickey Mouse. The cookie shows a black and white version of Mickey Mouse which is meant to represent the early Steamboat Willie / Plane Crazy years.

On the other side of the cookie is a great version of Mickey Mouse showing hims being 100 years old. Mickey is dressed in his iconic red shorts and yellow shoes. But Mickey’s shorts are pulled up past his waist, his face has wrinkles, he is holding a cane and holding his back which must be aching.   

Between these two cookies are three candles. A one and two zeroes. They candles are in Mickey’s colors – red, black and white.

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