Stitch Cookie With A Cartoon Background

This Stitch Cookie has an zoom background of a cartoon of Hawaii
Stitch Cookie with a Cartoon Background

This great Stitch Cookie with a Cartoon Background was made by Biscoitos Decorados | Nataline Cookies. Stitch is sitting on the ground. His feet are out in front of him and his tail is behind him. Stitch is licking his lips. His ears are sticking straight up and his hands are on the sides of his head. Mariele did a wonderful job making Stitch look 3-D on a 2-D cookie.

The way Mariele photographed this cookie is absolutely brilliant. She got a Zoom background that looks just like one of the Hawaiian beaches in Lilo & Stitch. Then she held up the cookie and photographed it.

I’ve often made the comment that a cookie was so perfect that it looked like it had jumped out of the movie screen. Mariele does the exact opposite. She has her Stitch cookie jump into the movie. The results are magical!

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