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Santa Jack Skellington Cake

This Santa Jack Skellington Cake features Jack Skeleton.lington dressed in a Santa hat. He is holding a green present. The cake board has black Jack-o-Lanterns.

Santa Jack Skellington Cake
Santa Jack Skellington Cake

This wonderful cake was made by Lucia Loro Mile Bian. It looks like a lot of his body is probably modeling chocolate or fondant.

In addition here is a close-up of Jack sunken black eyes and his drawn stitched face.  You can also get a good look at his red Santa hat and the Green Christmas present with a red bow he is holding.

Also this is a  very detailed cake board. There are black and yellow scary looking Jack-o-Lanterns floating in the purple night sky.   In addition the design makes it look like they are flying up from the ground toward Jack.  Also Jack’s foot is resting on an orange and black Jack-o-Lantern that is resting on a pale yellow full moon on the cake board.  The cake board really makes this cake stand out.

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