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GREATEST HITS: Snoopy Cupcakes

Snoopy Cupcakes

Snoopy Cupcakes

The cute Snoopy Cupcakes were made by Cake by Bake Love. There are six cupcakes in this set:

  • Snoopy dressed as Joe Cool. I love that his T-Shirt says Joe Cool. Snoopy is wearing sunglasses and leaning against his doghouse.
  • Snoopy and Woodstock shaking hands. In Peanuts that is often just before Woodstock tries to fly somewhere.
  • Snoopy walking outside. It looks like he is walking in a puddle. He is smiling and has his arms out wide.
  • Snoopy hugging Woodstock.
  • Snoopy asleep on top of his doghouse. Woodstock is standing on Snoopy’s stomach.
  • Snoopy looking up. There is a heart above snoopy.

In each cupcakes, Snoopy is in a different pose. Plus, every cupcake has either ground or Snoopy’s doghouse, so these looking just like they came straight from the comic strip.

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