Spooktacular Herman Munster Cookie

Munsters Cookie

This Herman Munster Cookie makes me smile. I can’t decide what I like more – the vintage television set, Herman, or that the picture looks a just a little out of focus and grainy. This marvelous cookie was made by Cookie Ninja for the Childhood TV Show Cookie Collaboration.


Herman Munster Cookie

The television and the image on it are separate cookies. This duo-tone painting of Herman Munster is absolutely wonderful.  I like how the image of Herman is clear while the background and bats look a little fuzzy. It really makes it look like this was being watched on an old television set.


Vintage Television Cookie

This vintage television is so cute. It has picture tube, VHF and UHF nobs, and a speaker. The only thing missing is rabbit ears. This wonderful cookie set brings back happy childhood memories.

Amazing Hand-Painted ThunderCats Cookies

ThunderCats Cookies

These awesome hand painted ThunderCats cookies were made by Calvin’s Cookies. They feature Cheetara, Lion-O, Lion-O holding the Sword of Omens, and the ThunderCats logo. They’re absolutely fantastic.


ThunderCats Cookies

ThunderCats Cookies

ThunderCats Cookies

ThunderCats Cookie

Lion-O holding the Sword of Omens. The detail on this cookie is terrific.


Lion-O Cookie



Cheetara Cookie



ThunderCats Cookie


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These E.T. Cookies Are Out Of This World!

E.T. Cookies

E.T. Cookies

These wonderful E.T. Cookies were made by Cutie Pie Cookie Co.  These cookies feature different scenes for the movie. Jennifer’s use of colors on these cookies is wonderful. The E.T. Cookies are tan for E.T.’s skin, blue for his eyes, and white. Jennifer adds in a pink which goes great with the tan color and these become the primary colors for the cookies.


E.T. Cookie

The detail and texture on E.T.’s face is amazing!


E.T. Cookie

These Hamilton Cookies Are The Coolest Thing You’ll See This Week

Hamilton Cookies

Have you see Hamilton on Disney+ yet? I watched it the day it was released and thought it was wonderful.  I’ve been singing songs from it ever since.


Hamilton Cookies

These gorgeous Hamilton Cookies were made by Judy’s Cookies.  The cookies include the Hamilton logo, a series of silhouettes, and a stunning cookie of Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton is dressed in a Continental Army uniform from the American Revolution. The silhouettes feature different scenes from the play. Judy’s use of color is amazing. Orange and black are the predominate colors of these wonderful cookies.


Lin-Manuel Miranda Cookie

Wow!!! This amazing cookie is based on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s portrait from the Rolling Stone cover by the talented photographer Mark Seliger.



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Here is an Instragram video showing this stunning cookie close-up.

Want to see more of Judy’s amazing work, she also made the coolest Mandalorian Cookie you’ll ever see.