Nightmare Before Christmas Cupcakes

These marvelous black and white Nightmare Before Christmas Birthday Cupcakes were made by Ruksana Khalid.  I really like the design of these cupcakes. Zero, who is usually white since he is a ghost dog, is black and his cupcake is white. Likewise, Oogie Boogie is white with black accents. Sally is done in reverse as well. These really creative design choices make these wonderful cupcakes stand out.


Nightmare Before Christmas Cupcakes


Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies

These wonderful cookies were made by CREEative Cookies.

These marvelous Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies have a cookie with Jack and Sally on top of the hill. 

There are cookies of the Mayor of Halloween Town, cookies of Lock, Shock, and Barrel, Oogie Boogie, and Dr. Finkelstein, Jack, Sally, and Zero.

Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies

Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies

Jack Skellington Cookie beside a Sally cookie

Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies

Jack Skellington with a Santa hat cookie and Zero on another cookie.

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Jack Skellington Cookie Platter

Sally Cookie Platter

Wow!!! Those are so pretty. These stunning Nightmare Before Christmas Cookie Platters were made by Sugar Ranch Cookies & Cakes.  These are round cookie trays with cookies of Jack Skellington and Sally in the center.  The cookies around them remind me of pizza slices and because of the coloring – candy corn. 

The cookies around the Pumpkin King have orange tops, black and white tips, and purple middles. They have strips going in two different directions and curly cues. The colors and patters should clash, but they look amazing together. 

The cookies around Sally are red, a patchwork of orange, yellow, and red, and blue with black dots. The colors and patterns on these cookies are inspired by Sally’s dress.

These are so gorgeous, I’d feel guilty eating the cookies.

Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies

The Cool Cookie Show has a terrific tutorial on How to Make Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies.


Here’s the wonderful video she did. It shows exactly how she made the Jack Skellington cookie, the Sally cookie, and the Oogie Boogie. 

The Sally cookie has her holding a Christmas tree. I love the detail of Sally with all the tiny black lines and all the branches of the tree.

The Jack Skellington cookie shows him wearing a Santa hat and beard and a red suit.

Oogie Boogie Cookie

Oogie Boogie is featured with his own cookie.

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