Tigger Baby Shower Cake

This Adorable Tigger Cake was made by Butterfly Dream Cakes.

Tigger is sitting on top of the cake holding a baby bottle in one hand and a rattle in the other hand. 

The cake is blue and there is a panel on the side with a white and Tigger print alternating with a white bow in the center.  This coordinates nicely with the Tigger baby blocks at the bottom of the cake and with Tigger himself.


Tigger Cake

Baby blocks in a Tigger print. Each has a yellow letter that spells out the child’s name.


Tigger Cake

Here’s a close-up of Tigger’s head.

Tigger Cake

This Splendid Tigger Cake was made Elizabeth Rowe.  This Disney Character is ready with a present to say Happy Birthday.  The name on the present tag is a nice touch.  The present was made using a 6 inch cake covered in fondant and topped with a fondant bow.  Tigger’s body was carved from one cake, while his head was carved from another cake.  His feet were two small cakes.  All were covered in fondant.   Elizabeth also made this wonderful Winnie the Pooh Cake.