Winnie the Pooh

Winnie The Pooh – 60+ cake and cookies that feature Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, and the other characters from the Hundred Acre Wood. These are made by excellent bakers from around the world.

This group includes Pooh by himself and with others. To see treats that feature a different character check these out.

Check out Piglet cakes and cookies to see him as the star.

Also, you may also enjoy the Tigger cakes and cookies for him.

Lastly, check out these Eeyore cakes and cookies.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

There is a terrific cake with Pooh balancing on top of 3 stacked Hunny Pots.

Secondly, there is a nice cookies with the characters and a video on how to do it.

Thirdly, there’s some cookies where fondant is used to give each figure a kind of 3-D effect.

In contrast to sweet cakes, there are even rice balls of Pooh, Tigger,  Piglet, and Eeyore.


White Gold & Red Pooh Cookies

White Gold & Red Pooh Cookies

White Gold & Red Pooh Cookies

These white gold & red Pooh cookies feature Winnie the Pooh holding balloons on some cookies and a Hunny Pot on other cookies.  A red balloon is on most cookies and ties the set together nicely.  The main colors of red gold, and white  make Pooh stand out well.

These wonderful cookies were made by Don’t Worry Cookie Co.

These cookies have very clean lines. The royal icing base flooding is perfect and covers the entire cookie. The writing is neat and straight. One cookie has a cute sign that shows 100 Across Wood in one direction and Peyton’s Party in the other direction. It has 3 red balloon flying above the direction sign. On another cookie, Pooh is peeking in a Hunny Pot. It has the saying, If everything is honey, and I am what I eat. I must be made of honey and life is very sweet.

In addition, Oh Pooh, I am no longer 2 is written on a cookie in the shape of a wooden banner. Another cookie has the words Happy Birthday and has the birthday name written in gold royal icing to match the gold on Pooh. A red ballon on the cookie ties it in with all the red balloons on the other cookies.

Pooh cookie

This white gold & red Pooh cookie has a surprised Pooh holding on to a red balloon.


Pooh cookie

 Also,  Pooh is sitting beside a Hunny pot on another cookie.  A bee is flying in front of him in the shape of a number 3.

In addition, check out these wonderful Winnie The Pooh Cakes and Cookies.

Winnie the Pooh Food Art

Winnie the Pooh Feed Art

Winnie the Pooh Feed Art

This Winnie the Pooh Food Art was made using cheese for his yellow head, arms, and legs. The coffee pot and cup looks like it was made using egg and the green skin of a watermelon.  Pooh’s shirt is the red meat of the watermelon. Bees flying around look like they were made from colored egg white.

This wonderful Pooh was made by Agata Cute Food.

For more Food art:

Winne the Pooh Fresh Fruit Pie

Tigger Fresh Fruit pie

Gadget Food Art

Gopher Cookies

Gopher Cookies

Gopher Cookies

This lovely hand painted Gopher Cookies were made by Glass Slipper Goodies. There are four different designs.

  • Holding his hard hat and goggles
  • Walking with his arms bent and one leg off the ground
  • Here he is making a list and checking it twice. I really like the way he is squinting with one eye.
  • Wearing his hard hat and coming out from a freshly dug hole.

The only thing missing from this delightful set is Gopher falling in one on his holes while calling out his signature catchphrase  – ‘I’m not in the book, you know”.

This is such a fun set of cookies!

Planning a Winnie the Pooh party? Check these out, they’re sweeter than hunny.

Winnie The Pooh Chocolate Easter Egg

Pooh Halloween Fruit Pie

Hunny Pot Pudding Pots

Winnie The Pooh Macarons

Pooh and Doctor Who Too Cake

Pooh and Doctor Who Cake

This Pooh and Doctor Who too cake features Winnie the Pooh dressed in Tom Baker’s fedora, the TARDIS, a Dalek, and the head of a Cyberman. 

This wonderful cake was made by Square Hen. This is a 50th birthday cake and has the works Happy 50th Birthday written in gold letters on the cake board. The planet was made using carrot cake.


Winnie the Pooh Doctor Who Cake

Pooh has his feet on the rocks of the edible planet cake.  He is standing just outside of the TARDIS. The bronze and gold Dalek is in front of him. The Cyberman head is to the side of him.