Amazing! This Hulk vs. Wolverine Cake Will Blow Your Mind!

Hulk vs. Wolverine Cake

Wow! It is hard to believe that this amazing sculpture of Wolverine fighting the Hulk is really a cake.  This masterpiece was made by Sirac Cicek.  The Hulk is standing on the remains of a tree on a hill.  He has one arm down blocking Wolverine and the other ready to grab him.  Hulk looks furious.  The detail on the Hulk’s face and muscles are out of this world.  Wolverine is tiny in compassion to the Hulk.  That is true to the comic book version.  Wolverine has always been shown to be short.  In fact, Hugh Jackman is actually a foot taller than Wolverine is supposed to be in the comics. Wolverine is wearing his classic yellow, black, and blue costume.  He has his adamantium claws extended.


Hulk vs. Wolverine Cake

While Wolverine is best known for being an X-Men, his first appeared in Hulk 180-182.


Hulk 181

Here is the cover to Hulk 181.  This is considered the 1st full appearance of Wolverine.


Hulk vs. Wolverine Cake


Hulk and Wolverine Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles

Sirac’s amazing cake was based on this Hulk and Wolverine Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles.


Hulk vs. Wolverine Cake

Hulk vs. Wolverine Cake

Fabulous Wolverine Cake

Wolverine Cake

This Fabulous Wolverine Cake was made by Dominique Justine Ballard of The Little Cake Shop.

This splendid cake was made for the Cake Con Collaboration. Cake Con is a collaboration featuring amazing artists who have created sugar art inspired by TV series, comics & video game characters.

Here is Dominique’s description of this Amazing cake:

Vanilla cake with buttercream filling and white chocolate ganache. I wanted to bring out the wild wolf in the Wolverine character in a comic book/painted style but keep the traits of the character Hugh Jackman plays. He is completely covered in ganache and modeling chocolate and airbrushed. His knives are made by hand with pulled isomalt. Materials – metal piping armature, isomalt, modelling chocolate, TruColor airbrush color, color shapers, BBF workmat, Innovative Sugarworks sugar smoothers.

Wolverine Cake

Wolverine Cake

These X-Men Cookies Are Uncanny

X-Men Cookies

I really like the design of these X-Men Cookies.  They feature half of an X-Men’s profile on left and half of the X-Men symbol on the right. 

The X-Men shown are:

Storm – One of the leaders of the X-Men.  She has the power of flight and can control of weather.

Professor Charles Xavier – The founder of the X-Men. 

Rouge – The untouchable southern belle with the powers of flight and super strength.

Cyclops – The first X-Men recruited and leader of the X-Men for years.  He fires optic blasts.

Wolverine – The most popular X-Men.  He has adamantium laced bones and razor sharp claws.  His mutant power is self healing.

Mystique – Shape Changer.  Though she is usually a villain, I think she was a member of the X-Men for a period of time.

The Beast – One of the original X-Men.  Brilliant scientist.

Magneto – Master of magnetism.  Used to be the X-Men’s arch enemy, but over the years he has joined the X-Men for periods of time.

Gambit – the Cajun scoundrel with the ability to charge items with kinetic energy.  Do not play cards with Gambit! Smile

Jean Grey – aka Marvel Girl, Phoenix, and Dark Phoenix.  One of the original X-Men.  Has mental powers similar to Charles Xavier.

Unfortunately, I do not know who made the cool cookies.  If you know, please let me know in the comments below, so I can give the baker credit.