101 Dalmatians Cakes

Marvelous 101 Dalmatians 6th Birthday Cake

101 Dalmatians Cake

This Marvelous 101 Dalmatians 6th Birthday Cake was made by Janette McPherson Cake Craft.

All of the numbers and letters on the cake are white with black spots to match the Dalmatians. The cake board is red. The birthday name is spelled out on the cake board and the is a matching Dalmatian beside it.

The cake looks like a stacked box of birthday presents. The bottom cake layer is a white box the is white is black dog footprints and red ribbons. The are red flowers on top of the box. 

The middle cake layer is a round box with black, reds and white vertical stripes. It has a red to and has red tissue paper stickup out of the box. A Dalmatian is also sticking its head out of this box.

The top layer of the cake is a white box with black spots and red ribbon. There is a six on top of the box for the birthday age. Beside the six, a Dalmatian is crawling down the side of the box.

The use of color on this cake is wonderful. 


101 Dalmatians Cake

Awesome 101 Dalmatians Cake

101 Dalmatians Cake

This awesome 101 Dalmatians Cake was made by Cake Central Member Vearginia.  This Disney cake features Cruella de Vil and several of the Dalmatian puppies.  I like the way several movie scenes are displayed around the sides of the cake.  The craftsmanship of the figures is incredible.


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101 Dalmatians Cake


101 Dalmatians Cake