Deadpool Cakes

Deadpool Rides A Unicorn

Deadpool Riding Unicorn Cake

This Marvelous Deadpool Cake was made by Kylie Mangles of Letterpress Bakery.

This splendid cake was made for the Cake Con Collaboration. Cake Con is a collaboration featuring amazing artists who have created sugar art inspired by TV series, comics & video game characters.

This Marvelous Deadpool Cake features Deadpool riding a unicorn with a rainbow mane and tail.

Deadpool Cake

Deadpool Cake

Here is Kylie’s description of this Amazing cake:

Not only was the Deadpool movie made in Vancouver, but Ryan Renolds is from Vancouver, so Deadpool was the perfect comic character. The first time I saw the movie, I instantly wanted to make a deadpoool and unicorn cake, and I finally got to make it! He is a little raunchy and very humorous, but I think he has a sweet side too! He is a little banged up and dirty, but mostly all healed up and enjoying a ride through the clouds with his trusty friend the unicorn.

Deadpool Cake

A Killer Headache For Deadpool!

Deadpool Cake

This must be one of Deadpool’s bad days!  Ant Roman from Nerdache Cakes made this Awesome Deadpool cake. 

Deadpool has two silver throwing stars in the top of his head and two silver throwing stars in the back of his head.  There are two brass bullets in his head beside the throwing stars.  There are brass bullets and shell casings on the cake board. 

You can see the outline of Deadpool’s nose and mouth under his red face mask with black circles around the eyes. 

Check out this Fabulous Deadpool Cake that was also made by Ant Roman from Nerdache Cakes.


Who Needs Chimichangas, When You Can Have These Awesome Deadpool Cakes?

Chibi Deadpool Cake

Who needs Chimichangas when you can have these Awesome Deadpool Cakes!

This Chibi Deadpool Cake is one adorable mercenary.

I am featuring these Awesome Deadpool cakes today in honor of the Deadpool movie premiere. 

Ant Roman from Nerdache Cakes made the Deadpool cake above and two other Fabulous Deadpool Cakes below.

Deadpool Cake

This Terrific Deadpool cake gets Deadpool’s thumbs up of approval.

Deadpool Cake

This Deadpool must have one killer headache! The Awesome Deadpool Cake was also made by Nerdache Cakes

Deadpool Cake

This Marvelous Bust of Deadpool Cake was made by Tartas Imposibles by Isabel Tamargo.    

LEGO Deadpool Cake

I do not know who made this Fabulous LEGO Deadpool Cake. If someone knows, please leave a comment and let me know so I can recognize them.

Deadpool Cake

This Superb Deadpool cake was made by Pinar Aran Cake Design Ankara.

Two of my closest friends from Super-Blog Team-Up are joining the Deadpool party. 

Spiderman Deadpool Comic Cover

Longbox Graveyard reviews one of the newest Deadpool Comics: Spider-Man/Deadpool #1.

Xforce Comic cover

Son of Cthulhu reviews one of Deadpool’s earliest appearances with X-Force #2.

Deadpool Gives This Cake A Thumbs Up


This Fabulous Deadpool Cake was made by Ant Roman from Nerdache Cakes. Deadpool is giving his own thumbs up to this cake. 

The detail of his costume is amazing. The black and red look like just like leather.  Deadpool’s two Katanas can be seen over his shoulder. Deadpool is made from two different cakes. The hand is one cake and the body is another cake.

This cake is based on the picture of Deadpool on the cover of the Comic-Con bonus issue of Entertainment Weekly. Ant Roman made the cake for Entertainment Weekly.



Deadpool first appeared in The New Mutants number 98 in 1991. When Deadpool first appeared, he was a super villain. He has evolved into an antihero. He has a strong healing factor, but his outer complexion looks almost like a zombie. He is known as the Merc with a Mouth because he is a mercenary who talks constantly in a sarcastic banter to the other characters and to the audience.