Disney Tsum Tsum Cookies

Cute Disney Tsum Tsum Cookies

Disney Tsum Tsum Cookies

These cute Disney Tsum Tsum Cookies were made by Nisa Bakes. These cookies feature adorable Tsum Tsum versions of Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Stitch, Tigger, Eeyore, Chip, and Dale.  There are a bunch of cute cookies in this batch, but I think Winnie the Pooh is my favorite.  Pooh is just two colors – gold and black.  His nose is almost the shape of a triangle. He has tiny eye brows at the top of his head and a little wrinkle above his nose.

Darling Disney Tsum Tsum Cookies

Disney Tsum Tsum Cookies

These Darling Disney Tsum Tsum Cookies were made by Sugary Sweet Cookies. Tsum Tsum characters are very popular now and these edible cookie version are adorable. Theese cookies feature Winnie the Pooh Tsum Tsum characters, Toy Story Tsum Tsum characters, Lilo and Stitch Tsum Tsum characters, and Aristocats Tsum Tsum characters.


Disney Tsum Tsum Cookies

Tsum Tsum Minnie Mouse, Tsum Tsum Pluto, and Tsum Tsum Mickey Mouse cookies with Tsum Tsum Dumbo, Tsum Tsum Tigger, and Tsum Tsum Eeyore cookies


Disney Tsum Tsum Cookies

Tsum Tsum Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear, Tsum Tsum Little Green Men and Tsum Tsum Buzz Ligthyear cookies with Tsum Tsum Marie, Tsum Tsum Stitch, and Tsum Tsum Chip cookies


Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum Cookie

Stitch Tsum Tsum Cookie

Tigger Tsum Tsum Cookie

Toy Story Tsum Tsum Cookies

Delightful Disney Tsum Tsum Cookies

Disney Tsum Tsum Cookies

These amazing Disney Tsum Tsum cookies were made by Cookie Cowgirl.  They feature Tsum Tsums of Goofy, Pluto, Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, Dale, Chip, Daisy, Donald, Ariel, Minnie, and Mickey.  Monica made these for a birthday.  They are gluten free and artificial dye free.

I always thought that the Tsum Tsum plushies came first and that the mobile game was based on the plushies.  But, as I researched this post, I discovered that the mobile game actually came first.  Disney Tsum Tsum began as a mobile game in Japan.  The game became so popular that Disney then released the plushies in Japan.  Since they were so popular in Japan, Disney released both the game and plushies in the United States.

Disney has also made a series of computer animated shorts featuring Tsum Tsums. 


Mission – The Tsums work together to get a strawberry on top of a cake for Minnie.


Frozen – The Tsums accidentally crack the ice on a frozen statue while trying to take a photo.


Hunny Popcorn – The Tsums rescue Pooh from a popcorn popper.


The Butterfly Chase – The Tsums try to stop Tigger from chasing a butterfly.