Star Wars Cookies

Come To The Dark Side, We Have Christmas Cookies

Darth Vader Christmas Cookies

Come To The Dark Side, We Have Christmas Cookies

This adorable Darth Vader Christmas Cookie was made by the Hunny Bunny Cookie Shop. I love the creativity of bakers. I would never think of combining Darth Vader and Christmas is such a cute way.   This festive cookie platter consists of two oversize cookies.  The first cookie has Darth Vader wrapped up in Christmas lights. The other cookie is green plaid and has the words “Come To The Merry Side”.

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When Leia & Rey Were Little

Leia and R2 D2 Cookie

This is an adorable Leia and R2-D2 cookie. She is holding on to a small R2-D2.

This version of Leia reminds me of the characters in Jeffrey Brown’s books called Star Wars Vader’s little princess.

These wonderful Star Wars cookies were made by CREEative Cookies.

Rey and BB 8 Cookie

This adorable Rey and BB-8 cookie shows a cute Rey holding BB-8. 

This wonderful Rey and BB-8 cookie was inspired by a t-shirt design by TeeTurtle.


Sensational Star Wars Cookies featuring Jyn, Leia, and Rey

Star Wars Cookies

These wonderful Star Wars Cookies were made by Sweet Treats by Melissa.  Melissa made these cookies for this year’s Sugar Show at CookieCon for the cinema category.

The are four cookies in this set.  The first three feature Jyn Erso, Leia Organa Solo, and Rey.  The red rebel alliance logo is also on each cookie.  The last cookie has the words “A Woman’s Place Is In The Resistance”.  The writing is done to look like the Star Wars opening crawl.