My Elmo Cake

Elmo Cake

This is a 3-D Elmo Cake which I made for my nephew’s first birthday.  I made this cake before I began this blog, so I don't have step by step instructions. 


Here are some tips on how I created this cake:


The Wilton sports ball pan is 6” in diameter and was used to make the top of Elmo’s head. A 6” bowl was used to make the bottom of Elmo’s head.  Elmo’s head rests on a small cardboard round.


Elmo’s body was made using 6” x 3” cake pans.  Straws were placed in Elmo’s body to support the weight of Elmo’s head.


A 12’ wooden dowel goes all the way through the middle of the head and body of Elmo.


Elmo’s arms were made from rice crispy treats.  The arms are attached to the body using pieces of drinking straws stuck in the rice crispy treats and into the body of the cake. 


Elmo’s legs and feet were made from rice crispy treats and pieces of cupcakes.


After Elmo’s body, head, arms and legs were built, his fur was placed on him.


Wilton Tip 233 was used to make Elmo’s fur using buttercream icing. 


Elmo’s mouth was made from black fondant.  A small dent was carved into the head for the mouth. 

Elmo’s nose was a ball of orange fondant.  The nose was attached using a piece of plastic drinking straw.

Elmo’s eyes were balls of white fondant with black fondant circles for pupils. The eyes were attached using a piece of plastic drinking straw.

The hat was an ice cream cone wrapped in fondant and covered in edible glitter.  The hat sits on top of the part of the 12” dowel that sticks above the cake.

The package Elmo is holding is a separate cake wrapped in fondant.