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A Birthday Adventure Is Out There

Disney Up Cookies 4

I made these Disney Up cookies for my daughter for her birthday.  She is a huge Up fan and loves adventure and travel. The motto Adventure Is Out There fits her perfectly. I wanted to include cookies that hilighted that theme. I included cookies of the two key adventurers in Disney’s Up movie: Carl and Ellie both as children and as adults. No Up cookie collection would be complete without a cookie with the words, Adventure is Out There. I also made cookies of Paradis Falls with Carl’s house on top and Grape Soda bottle tops. Pixar did a great job with Ellie and Carl’s character.

Up Grape Soda Cookies

Ellie gives Carl a Grape Soda pin to show he is part of the Ellie’s exclusive Explorer’s club. Here are my Grape soda cookies to represent that Grape Soda club pin. I love the Ellie’s line, You and Me, we’re in a club now, when she gives the pin to Carl.

Pixar Up cookies

Here’s a close-up of the Adventure is Out There cookie with the birthday name written as clouds. I made it in the shape of a heart to emphasize a love of adventure.

It’s surrounded by Grape Soda cookies, Paradise Falls cookies, and Carl and Ellie silhouette cookies.

Pixar Up cookies

I made silhouettes of Carl and Ellie as adults and as children.  I found examples of both of these silhouettes online.  I do not know who originally created these silhouette patterns.

This Adventure Is Out There cookie design was based on a t-shirt design by teepublic.

I made a house shaped cookie of Paradise Falls with Carl’s house on top. I did not know it when I watched the movie, but Paradise Falls was based on Angel Falls in Canaima National Park in Venezuela. The real life falls is just as pretty as Paradise Falls.

Pixar Up cookies

Here’s these Pixra Up cookies arranged as a plate of cookies.


Disney Up cookies

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